Keep your chakras activated during this new downtime

I think we all can use a detox and some social distancing from the world right now.

I'm personally using this time as an opportunity to look inward and do some self reflecting.

We are a society that is built on staying busy and productive.  We are often told to get as much done during the day as possible and we are masters at multi-tasking. When was the last time you were just still?  When do you allow yourself to rest your mind, body and spirit? How productive can you be when you are exhausted or when your mind is cluttered?

Here are some ways I keep my chakras activated, while I carve out time to indulge in self care, yet still remaining productive at home.

Disconnect to connect

In today's tech-driven world, it's easy to feel like we are constantly plugged in. I have found that disconnecting from the world , rather it be the news, social media, or emails, has helped me be more conscious and honestly has improved my entire quality of life!

So unplug to unwind, tune out to tune in and make quality time with yourself essential because there isn't a app available for that. ( I checked 👀 )

Curate your own vibes

Listen to or create a cozy playlist. I like to listen to lofi study beats when i'm 'social distancing' or sometimes i’ll vibe out to some yoga or meditation music. We can all use some woo-sah in our lives.

Indulge in a little R&R

When I find myself caught up in the world of today or busy with work, I like to indulge in a little r&r (replenish & rejuvenate) with Kul Full Spectrum CBD Skin Care Line. Since I’ve started using their products, the entire trajectory of my skin care has changed. My face feels more nourished and smooth, and their products always leave my skin firm with a dewy glow.

Cook at home

Lately I've enjoyed cooking at home vs. Uber eats. Whether I'm making my favorite dish or trying a new recipe, I find it to be rewarding & therapeutic. Plus it's healthier, studies show those who cook at home consume way less calories than eating out at restaurants.

Read a book

Is it just me, or has reading a new book become significantly more enticing as an adult, than it ever was in school. I feel enlightenment through exposure to the opinions, learning, and stories of innovative hustlers I admire; it's also exercise for the mind. I find myself further inspired and motivated from their resilience despite the odds formed against them.

Reading is a powerful daily habit that can define the difference between success and mediocrity. It's a discipline that helps winning individuals push harder, further, and faster than those around them.

Think Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Whenever I read, it's really good.


When most people think of meditation, they think of sitting cross legged and chanting woo-sah. My purpose of meditation is stillness. Those are the moments I’m literally still. I don’t move. I am sitting or laying down in complete silence. I take deep breaths and allow my body to just relax and release built up tension. It is a time when I allow my mind to stop thinking about my ever growing to do list and I’m allowed to just…Be.

I find myself feeling more self aware and connected inward with my thoughts and my intentions.


Writing has always been therapy for me. The process of writing down my thoughts, feelings, emotions or even just talking about my day is incredibly therapeutic. It allows me to slow down and think. 

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