Essential tips for working from HOME

As we all adjust to the new normal and navigate through these changes together, it's vital to stay positive and use this time as a opportunity to make necessary adjustments (get shit done).

Over the last year, I transitioned from a overly priced office suite, to working remote.. So here's a solid year of working-from-home experience I have to share:

Simple ways to stay productive to brace our new normal

- Stick to business as usual, waking up early, making your bed, washing your face, coffee, ect.

- Even if you don't feel like it, get dressed! Yes, its okay to let a day (or two) slide in your pj's, but you will begin feeling lazy if your in pajamas for too long.

- Hold yourself accountable. Accountability is what separates success from the mediocre.

- Beyond your regular morning ritual, create a new routine best for you working from home. Having a schedule is vital.

- Set your office hours as you would normally, but set boundaries with your availability as well. This key, was the most essential for me transitioning. I would respond to notifications at all times throughout the night, leaving no spare time to decompress and just be.

- Sit in a chair. I find myself getting more work done when I sit at a table, rather a comfortable cozy couch.

- Find a designated area with a lot of natural sunlight.

- Disconnect. Turn off the T.v and put your phone in airplane mode. Play your favorite playlist to work to, and set designated times to check emails, notifications, ect.

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